Turbomix Paintsaver™

Be a hero using the all new Turbomix Paintsaver™!

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Faster mixing, maximum reduction of paint wastage and the optimal blend!

Break it (before you mix)

To save paint and pigments!

Suitable for all types of mixing cups

Ergonomic handle

Designed to achieve the perfect blend

Turbomix Paintsaver

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Optimal pigment blend and faster mixing

Perfect consistency and pigment blend are crucial for a spotless end result. Mixing paint with the Turbomix Paintsaver® speeds up the process, reduces paint wastage and ensures a perfect result! Thanks to the innovative and patented z-shaped design with uniquely shaped holes, the Turbomix Paintsaver® is now capable of 30% faster stirring, which increases to almost 40% with metallic paints. The built-in ‘break it to save it’ system ensures any excess paint is effortlessly removed from the Turbomix Paintsaver® before disposal (up to 5-7 grams per use).

Combine the Turbomix Paintsaver

with other Colad innovations


Snap Lid System

Snap Lid System is a complete paint preparation and application system based on the Colad Mixing Cup combined with a Snap Lid with integrated filter. Snap Lid is available with 4 different integrated filters for all types of paint.

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Mixing Cups

Disposable plastic Mixing Cups for paint preparation. Transparent, printed with several mixing ratios, stackable to save space and keep them clean.

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BodyGuard Paintsuit

For a full day of working comfort and protection! Best protection, high performance, durability and attractive appearance. Easy to close hood, washable,highly durable zipper, ultimate heat release material and a enhanced fit. Anti static coating.

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